Berlin – a major property
market with a strong future

An ideal investment location
in the center of Europe

Steadily growing population and incredibly high demand for properties make Berlin one of the most attractive investment destinations in Europe.

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Persuasive facts
and figures

3.8 m. residents

High demand for new homes: 3.8 million people live in Berlin, and that number keeps growing. Since the population is growing faster than the available housing, the city’s vacancy rate is especially low at 0.9%.

21,000 new Berliners every year

Ever-growing population: 21,000 people are moving to Berlin every year. Around 60% of all newcomers move to Berlin from abroad. The desire to own property, especially in the premium segment, is growing enormously.

12.6 % increase in capital value

High investment potential: The capital value of newly built apartments in Berlin rose by 12.6% between 2019 and 2020.

39,000 new companies a year

Strong start-up potential: 39,000 companies are founded in Berlin every year – and the economic significance of Germany’s capital continues to multiply.

57.44 % increase in gross domestic product

High economic growth: Berlin’s gross domestic product rose by 57.44% from 2017 to 2021.

126,000 new apartments needed

Highly attractive: 126,000 new apartments must be built in Berlin by 2030 to meet the high demand.
Source: Senatsverwaltung Berlin & Statistik Brandenburg

Persuasive facts
and figures

Steady appreciation in the value of properties

In recent years, the purchase prices for condominiums in Berlin have risen rapidly. A further increase in value is expected in the coming years.

Chart: New-build condominiums – the trend for purchase prices

Baseline: H1 2012 = 100

Source: empirica systeme, IDN

Berlin as an investment hub

Berlin is swiftly emerging as an international centre for science, medicine, and research. Start-ups prefer the city even over London and New York – it’s one of the most popular in the world. And the growing economy is also sending property values in Germany’s capital city steadily upward. Ideal conditions to invest in housing in Berlin.

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An outstanding location for living, working, shopping and enjoying art and culture: In the form of the AM TACHELES quarter a new magnet is fast arising in downtown Berlin, a new cosmopolitan part of the city, designed in line with the architectural masterplan developed by Pritzker Prize winners Herzog & de Meuron.


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